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Using Public Domain Patent for Innovation Idea

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Since 1800 when system of registered patent begun, there are thousands of innovation had created from all over the world. Many people are unaware that actually we can use those inventions as a source of innovation idea, especially for start up a business. Doesn’t it violate the law? It will depend! There are thousands of patent which has been public domain so that we can used it for innovation idea.

Based on Paris Convention, patent granted has validity of 20 years for usual patent, 10 years for simple patent, and 10 years for industrial design. In this internet age, information can be reached easily. There are many site that provide information about those patent. The coolest things is that we can download those patents which is expired or public domain for free. Check some of this site :

  • European Patent Office : http://ep.espacenet.com
  • US Patent Office : http://www.uspto.gov/patft/index.html
  • Japan Patent Office : http://www.ipdl.ncipi.go.jp/homepge.ipdl
  • China Patent Office : http://www.sipo.gov.cn/sipoEnglish/zljs/default.htm
  • WIPO-PBB : http://www.wipo.int/ipdl/en/search/pct
  • Cambia-Biotech Australia : http://www.cambiaip.org
  • Thomson Group (membership paid) : http://www.delphion.com

Use the key word for patent of the products that you looking for. Soon after you get the invention you are looking for, then check the validity ot the patent to avoid law matter.

Be smart ! Use the concept or idea behind the registered patent you are looking for and then improve those ideas. Put some additional features toward those registered patent or combine with customer’s trend recently in the market. Don’t be shy or feel shame to do that. Even great inventor would use previous invention to create a bigger invention. You’ll get surprised that even big multinational companies like Sony, Toshiba, etc would like to search for registered patent database. They need those inventions as a means or stimulate the idea for creating innovation.

Start your research to find the latest trend of the market’s needed, the customers looking for. And then search for public domain patent which relevant with the current market and make some modification of those registered patent. Do that, and I bet you’ll become success innovator!


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