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Vigorous Colibri : Entrepreneur essential

Thursday, 20 September 2007
To build a business and lead organizations is not an easy task. It took a lot of energy and well planned. Without enough energy and good planning, business will fall. Many entrepreneur failed to run their business because of lack of those things. Good planning is not enough without energy and vice versa. Sometimes entrepreneur got de-motivated so that lost their energy.

We might learn from small bird : Colibri (hummingbird). It is amazing creature. It’s length is less than 9 cm but it has amazing energy. Colibri always fly from one flower to another flower to get food, honey and insects. When they fly, they lost a lot of calories. That’s why they have to fill their body with many foods.

Once every two years, Colibri migrate from South Canada to Panama in South America. The distance they have to undergo less more 800 km on track above the sea non stop! Generally, the journey to the south is relatively easy for them. The hardest challenge is that this journey is passing route above the sea. Obviously, they can’t lost their energy while migrating. It does need a big energy and well preparation.

The night before Colibri do the journey, they do fasting. On fasting condition, the energy needed to warm up their body is only 20% of normal condition. At sunrise, Colibri wake up and starts gathering honey and eat their last food they need before taking 800 km journey to the south.

Entrepreneur must have good preparation and energy. It means that we have to know where we are going or objectives that have to reach and good cost calculation in running the business. Energy would be something essential to run the planning that entrepreneur made.


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