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Lance Armstrong : The Great Entrepreneur

Thursday, 20 September 2007
Everybody knows Lance Armstrong, the living legend of bicycle racer. His career started at Plano, Texas. Since high school, he had won National Junior cycling competition. On 1993, he was on National team and rank fifth in the world. All observant predict that he will win Tour de French in 1996. But something happened. Suddenly he got problem with his eyes and medical test showed that he got cancer on high stadium so that at the beginning, the doctors wasn’t gave any hope for Armstrong’s condition. According to the doctors, any treatments couldn’t save Armstrong life !

In 1996, Armstrong underwent brain operation and intensive chemotherapy at Indiana University Hospital. For one year, Armstrong and the doctors struggle for his health. Those was the hardest time which full of pain, suffer and uncertainty. And tehn the miracle comes. The doctor stated that Armstrong has free from cancer.

But it just beginning. He made a shocking decision that he would come back to the professional bicycle racer. He trained his body for preparation of Tour de France in 1999. it’s not an easy task considering his condition at that time. He must start the very hard physical training after being suffered from cancer.

Most people taught that, even Armstrong would be lucky if he can finish the competition. But the facts is different. Armstrong prove that he can win the hardest bicycle racer competition seven times!

When Armstrong told his life story, he said that he wouldn’t win tour de France if he not suffered the cancer. Because of the cancer, he push to the limit in training his physical condition. The cancer motivated him to do more. Armstrong focus on his goal and arrange by himself the competition he joined.

It is the spirits of entrepreneur must have! The challenge for entrepreneur is finding their own race and then run with all the power they have to win those race. Real entrepreneur shouldn’t give up in failure they faced. Turn the failure into positive things so that it would be a power to do better. The world not belongs to easy give up person, the loser. This world need more never give up person, the real entrepreneur!


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