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Female Crocodile the Timing Master

Thursday, 20 September 2007

“ Doing the right things at the right time in the right place”

This sentence looks simple but in fact, it isn’t so easy as it like. It is something that we have to practice in the real business. But to do this, it took a lot of time and efforts through learning process. We might learn this thing from crocodile. It is quite strange that actually female crocodile is one amazing animal.

Crocodile is different with another reptiles. The task of female crocodile is not finish soon after spawning process. On the contrary, the real challenges is begin after they are spawning. Female crocodile must prepare carefully the nest to put their eggs. After finishing spawning, female crocodile covered the nest with certain things in order to keep it warm. Then they back to the water but not so far from their nest and keep an aye to protect their nest from other animals. Once time, if necessary, they will fix the nest. In this condition, female crocodile is very wild and dangerous if there’s something or someone who threat their eggs.

After few weeks, female crocodile back to the nest to handle carefully their eggs one by one. Female crocodile is ready to take out their infants from the nest. The big question is “ How do they know that it is the right time to take out their infants from the eggs shell?” Female crocodile “ask” to their eggs! Each time they back to the nest, they take one by one their eggs to their heads and listening something from their eggs.

If they open their nest too early, the eggs would get cold and unprotected so that can’t incubating. If female crocodile open their nest lately, their infants would incubating by themselves so that they would get problems in breathing. Crocodile infants have to take out from their eggs shell at the right time and at the right way. Obviously, timing is very important here!

How do they do that? Through long time evolution process, female crocodile learn how to do it. Real entrepreneurs do the same. Through the failures and many hard ways, entrepreneurs will more understand doing something at the right time and at the right place. Listen more to the potential customers and the market and catch the opportunity to win the competition.


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