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Innovative Marketing Strategy

Wednesday, 26 September 2007
The continuity of company heavily depend on the product and service they produce. whether the market or customers will accept the products and services, that what make company exist. Brand imaging is important thing for product and services in order to be accepted by the market. That’s why most companies spend huge budget for strengthen brand imaging activities which is similar with promotional activities by many ways such as television, radio, internet, brochure, boards, etc.

While companies consider promotional activities are important things, this activity is faced by some challenges. In this dynamic growth, everything is changed in a very short time. Promotional activities or ads have to step forward and keep innovative to face this situation. Conventional ways of ads might be irrelevant anymore since customers and peoples sometime see ads in different ways. For example, ads in television. More television viewer consider ads in television as something disturbing, moreover the remote control would make easier for them to switch the channel at the time commercial break displayed. As a result, promotion is becoming ineffective.

People and ads is like cat and mouse. Ads try to catch the mouse but people run to avoid the cat. In this view of point, the promotional activity need to be creative and innovative in order to maintain it’s objective to strengthen brand imaging in people’s mind. Volkswagen marketing strategy for their new product of Touareg is an example of innovative way of marketing. Volkswagen using movies as means for promotional activity. Involving their new product, Touareg, in this action movie, The Bourne Ultimatum. Volkswagen using The Bourne Ultimatum as their global marketing platform, starting communication process of Touareg with peoples before it’s launching to the market. By using this movies, Volkswagen show to the public the performance and quality of Touareg which finally would strengthen it’s brand image to the public. Innovation and creative idea is important things in promotional activities in order to reach it’s objective of brand imaging to the public.


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