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Q7 : Innovative solution of energy crisis

Wednesday, 26 September 2007
Energy is something vital in the modern activities. All modern industry rely on energy to run their production. And most of energy resources in this world is highly depends on oil and gas where it cause some important problems which become international issues. It’s un-renewable characteristic and global warming issue make us aware that the world need an alternative energy resource to sustain the economy growth. Innovation is needed to find those alternative energy resource.

Basically there are a lot of alternative energy resources such as biofuel, geo-thermal, water, sun, and wind. Many projects have run in order to create this alternative energy resource. All nations are in race of finding new energy sources.

Q7 project is sample of innovation which arise to offer alternative energy source. Located 23 km off Netherlands coastline in the North Sea, Q7 wind farm is already garnering attention and awards not because construction is ahead of schedule with 42 monopiles already in place, but rather because of the projects unique financing structure. The locations at the sea in particular offer great advantages. The total project value is $50 million and recently won the prestigious Deal of the Year Awards is financed completely by group of international banks such as Dexia, Rabobank, and BNP Paribas.

Wind energy is clean form of energy that doesn’t involve the emission of CO2 or other pollutants that are typically associated with fossil fuels and nuclear energy. The energy payback time- the time needed to generate the level of energy used to created a wind turbine- is approximately 3 to 6 months. Apart from being clean, wind energy can reduce the Netherlands dependency on the import of oil and gas from other countries and regions of the world. In addition, the supply of wind energy is inexhaustible and freely available.

Q7 is based on proven technology and an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) contract with renowned international offshore contractor. The 60 turbines will be placed at a depth of 19 to 24 meters, feature Vesta V80-2 megawatt technology which capacity produce up to 400 GWh per year. By way of illustration, the global potential demand of electricity is double by 2020. this enormous potential and continuous improvement of its competitive advantage against other energy sources make wind energy is one of the vital alternatives for fossil fuels when economic extraction of these fuels is no longer viable. Consequently, wind energy will increasingly contribute to sustainable future.


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