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Trevor G Baylis : Listening to the market

Thursday, 27 September 2007
In 1989, a documentary movies was broadcast by a television channel and showing the importance role of radio to overcome AIDS in Africa. Trevor G Baylis was watching those program. He's thinking about the need to relay educational messages to remote areas with radios that didn't use conventional batteries or mains electricity. He had the idea of powering a radio using a small generator driven by a clockwork motor. He had many rejections and some experts even said it wasn't possible to make a suitable spring drive.

With his options running out and the patent clock ticking, he was very lucky when an airing of the rough prototype on the BBC's Tomorrow's World in 1994 was seen by entrepreneurs who recognised its potential. Without this break, Trevor Baylis would have had to choose between maintaining his patents at high cost, or losing them.

Trevor G Baylis created his innovative radio which is cheap and running without electricity or battery. He create wind-up radio which dedicated for poor people in rural Africa so that they can listening the broadcasting program of educational and AIDS. Because of his invention. Many African more understand about the danger of AIDS. And because of his invention too, he had opportunity to meet Nelson Mandela and even Queen Elizabeth II who awarded him Order of the British Empire in 1997.

Many people agree that being inventor is difficult task. Creative process of innovative things might be challenging. But it is a must for company in order to survive in this competition, otherwise company will fall. Many companies through their R&D , launch their innovative products and services. Some of them are success, but many of them are failed in the market. To make innovative product, companies must know the “starting point” so that their products will be accepted by the market. And sometime the “starting point” is not difficult to find. Knowing and understanding the market or the costumers is the best starting point. And good innovation sometime is just about well “listening” the market.


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